Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The snail and the toy box

Chapter One - The Snail

Once there was a snail named Tiny. Oh he was so tiny. His mama called him Small Tot. He lived in his shell. So did his mother. He was a happy snail.

Chapter Two - His New Friend

One day tiny was walking through the woods when he heard something. it was another snail. The snail's name was Shell. They played until it was time to go home. They said goodbye and left.

Chapter Three - The Toy Box

One day Tiny found a box on the side of the road. He told Shell. They found toys in the box. Shell said it was a toy box. What a great discovery those snails found.

Chapter Four - Oh No

Then there was trouble. Tiny fell in. Shell went to get help. He told his mother who told Tiny's mother and rescued Tiny from the toy box.

Chapter Five - Home

Tiny went home. So did Shell. They played forever more.

The End